First Step: File a Complaint

The City of Camrose Assessment Department mails the annual assessment notices each year in May. Following the mailing of the assessment notices, there is a 60-day review period where you can arrange to speak with a City assessor regarding any disagreements you may have with your assessed value.

If you still disagree with your assessed value, you may file a formal complaint with the Camrose Assessment Review Board (ARB). A formal complaint must be filed prior to the deadline in order for the Board to review your complaint, even if you are waiting to hear back from your assessor.
Assessment complaints must be received by the deadline indicated on your Assessment Notice. The complaint and correct filing fee must be received no later than this final date or the complaint is not valid and the Board will not hear the complaint. 

A valid complaint must include:
  • The specific reasons you think the information shown on the Assessment Notice is incorrect as well as supporting evidence if applicable. Stating only that the assessment is too high or incorrect is not sufficient. You can gather information on comparable properties and other evidence, and check, review and compare your assessment here to support your case.
  • Contact information of the complainant including the telephone number where you can be reached on weekdays. If you choose to provide your email address on the complaint form, you will receive correspondence from the ARB via email (please print clearly).
  • Roll number and property address for property assessment complaints.
  • Payment of the required filing fee.
The ARB must not hear any matter regarding an issue that is not identified on the complaint form. This means that you cannot introduce new evidence or issues at the hearing that have not been disclosed in your complaint.

ARB complaints can be submitted in the following manner:

Submitting a complaint in person/mail

To file by paper, you must include a completed Assessment Review Board Complaint form with the correct filing fee. Regardless of the method of submission, the complaint must be received, no later than the final date for a complaint, as shown on the Assessment Notice. The complaint is not valid and the Board will not hear the complaint if received later than the final date. The specified fee must accompany the completed complaint form, therefore, faxed and emailed complaints will not be accepted. Payment methods accepted are cash/cheque/money order payable to “The City of Camrose”. Contact us for submitting paper complaints.

If submitting a complaint by mail or in person, attach a copy of the Assessment Notice to the complaint form to facilitate the process and ensure accuracy.

Filing Fee

Your filing fee is indicated on your Assessment Notice. Fees are charged per roll number for the filing of complaints. The exact filing fee is required for each complaint.

The fee will be refunded if the Board makes a decision in your favour or the City of Camrose Assessment Department reduces the assessment in consultation with you. 

City of Camrose Filing Fees

Residential - 3 or fewer dwellings and farm land $40.00 Per Complaint/Roll Number 
Residential - 4 or more dwellings $250.00 Per Complaint/Roll Number
Non-Residential $250.00 Per Complaint/Roll Number


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