Projects, Plans & Initiatives

The following major projects, plans and initiatives are currently being coordinated by City Planning and Development:
  • East Gateway Area Structure Plan: The City of Camrose’s East Gateway Area Structure Plan (EGASP) is a comprehensive Area Structure Plan (ASP) for 396.8 hectares of land located in the northeast quadrant of Camrose. Click here to view the document.
  • Augustana Area Redevelopment Plan: The City has taken a proactive, community based approach to revitalize the Augustana neighbourhood through the preparation of an Area Redevelopment Plan. The Plan was adopted by Bylaw #2710/10 by Council on September 24, 2012. Click here to view the document.
  • Cargill Area Structure Plan: Cargill Limited retained AMEC Environment & Infrastructure to prepare a plan for the City of Camrose and Camrose County detailing the development of a canola crushing plant located in the County. The plan describes concepts of construction, utilities, road, rail traffic and stormwater control. To view the Area Structure Plan bylaw, click on Bylaw #2720/12. To view the redesignation bylaw, click on Bylaw #2718/12. To view the Cargill Area Structure Plan, click here.
  • Downtown Action Plan: Land Use and Development policies within the Downtown Camrose. Click here to view the document.
  • Heritage Survey & Inventory Project: Along with Heritage Collaborative Inc. and local volunteers, Fay Carlson, Lloyd Johnson and Corinna Nilson, the City recorded significant historic sites and cultural landscapes. Future plans will include a Heritage Advisory Board.
  • Intermunicipal Development Plan: The City of Camrose and the County of Camrose entered into an agreement to allow for orderly development of lands within a fringe area immediately outside the City municipal boundaries, while continuing the ability of the City to grow. Click here to view the updated documents:  IDP 2014  and  IDP Map
  • Municipal Development Plan: An update to the existing Plan was completed to ensure a vision of growth and development for our municipality. By-law# 2684/11 was passed in Council on August 22, 2011. Click here to view the document.
  • Municipal Sustainability Plan: A collaborative plan for a sustainable city, looking forward to 2055. Click here to view the document.
  • Spaces to Places: Downtown Camrose Pocket Park: Design Competition - Request for Proposals. Click here to view the document.