Home Business

A Home Business is any occupation, trade, profession, or craft carried on by the occupant of a home that is secondary to the residential use of the building. Many people assume that their home business does not need a license, however according to the City of Camrose Bylaw, any activity run from a residence that generates income requires a license. Even if you sell crafts or provide professional services on a casual or hobby basis, you should obtain a license to operate.
The City of Camrose Land Use Bylaw provides a detailed list of the conditions for a home business which can also be found in the Home Occupation/Home Office brochure. Please note that a Development Permit may be required.

Benefits of a Business License

  • Free advertising – the City makes a list of businesses in Camrose to give out in its information packages.
  • You need a business license to apply for membership in the Better Business Bureau or the Camrose Chamber of Commerce.
  • Many suppliers give discounts to businesses if provided with a copy of a business license.
  • It is illegal to operate without one.
  • You are joining a community of home-based businesses.

Reasons for City Regulations

  • To track the economic development of the City
  • By nature, home occupations are difficult to monitor because of their low visibility. Licensing assists in tracking businesses, and ensuring they comply with municipal regulations.
  • We all want our neighborhoods to look like a residential community not a commercial district. Licensing allows the City to implement rules that protect the residential character while allowing opportunities for business development.