Secondary Suites

Affordable Housing in Camrose

A secondary suite is a second self-contained dwelling unit within a single family dwelling, where both units are registered under the same land title. Secondary suites considered an alternate form of affordable housing while providing homeowners with the option for revenue to address increased housing costs.


The Planning and Development department has created a bylaw which permits these residential units in single family homes if the following conditions are met:

  • One suite per single family home and only in those Land Use Districts where it is listed.
  • Additional on-site parking to be provided.
  • A minimum 20% of the front yard setback must remain landscaped.
  • Group homes are not allowed in a single family dwelling.
  • Home occupations shall not be allowed except a bed and breakfast, where the suite is an integral part of the operations.
  • The number of unrelated persons occupying a suite shall not exceed three.
  • A separate entrance door on any front building elevation facing a public street must be finished and landscaped the same as the single family dwelling.
  • The suite shall not exceed forty percent of total floor area of principal building.
  • Suites shall not be allowed in an accessory building.
  • Suite must meet building code requirements.

Resources & Information

For information about Secondary Suites, please contact City of Camrose, Planning and Development at 780.672.4428 or