Application Process

Pre-Application Consultation
Prior to submitting an application for subdivision, the applicant is encouraged to consult the Planning Department to ensure compliance with all City planning documents that may affect the proposal. The consultation is an opportunity to explore possible time saving strategies, and to ask questions regarding the subdivision process. Planning staff will also be able to determine what, if any, additional information will be required regarding the application.

Application for Subdivision
An application for subdivision must include:
  • A completed application form
  • A copy of title (less than 30 days old)
  • A proposed Plan of Subdivision, showing the following information:
    • Location, dimensions, and boundaries of the land to be subdivided
    • Location, dimensions, and boundaries of:
      • Each new lot created
      • Existing rights of way of each public utility or other right of way
      • Existing utility lines
      • Existing easements
    • Area of each new lot created
    • Location, use, and dimensions of existing buildings, and identification of those buildings that are proposed to be demolished or moved
    • Approximate location and boundaries of the bed and shore of any river, stream, watercourse, lake, or other body of water
    • Description of land use or uses proposed
    • Location of existing or proposed wells, location and type of any private sewage disposal systems, and the distance from these to existing or proposed buildings and property lines
    • All existing and proposed access to the proposed parcels and the remainder of the titled area
    • Location of existing or proposed municipal services (sanitary, sewer, water)
    • Location of any existing private utility lines
  • Other information as requested, such as:
    • Topography and soil characteristics
    • Runoff collection, and floodplain location
    • Susceptibility to slumping or subsidence
    • A conceptual scheme that relates to future subdivision
    • Street lighting, sidewalks, curbs, and roadways
    • Application fees

Circulation of the Application
After the application is accepted by the Subdivision Authority as complete, it is circulated to required government departments, persons, and local authorities for their comments