Subdivision Evaluations

Evaluation of a Subdivision Application
When evaluating a subdivision application, the Subdivision Authority considers the comments from the referral agencies and answers the following questions:
  • Is the subdivision application submitted properly?
  • Are there any outstanding taxes on the property?
  • Is the land suitable for the proposed use?
  • Does the application comply with the Act and Regulations?
  • Does the application conform to the Statutory Plans and Land Use Bylaw?
  • Is the subdivision consistent with Provincial Land Use Policies?
Recommendation & Decision
The Subdivision Authority has 60 days to evaluate the subdivision and render a decision. It must decide whether to refuse, approve, or approve with conditions.

Notice of Decision
Written notice of the Subdivision Authority’s decision will be sent to the applicant and published in a local paper within 60 days of receiving the completed application. If the applicant does not receive notice within this time, the application should be deemed as refused, unless a time extension has been approved.