Recent Approved Permits & Public Notices

DP 4339  4820 - 66 Street Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 9622166 Commercial Building
DP 4344  3916 - 49 Street Lot 22, Block 3, , Plan 172xxxx Single Det. dwelling
SP2017051 6601-48 Avenue Unit 2, Plan 0620467 Sign Permit
Any person having an object to any of the above, or for further information, contact Planning & Development at 5204 - 50 Avenue, Camrose, AB  T4V 0S8, or at 780.672.4428 or email Any person affected by the decision(s) may submit written notice of Appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) within fourteen (14) days after the date the Development Permit was issued.

Public Notice - Variance Applications

The Development Authority has received two applications that includes a Variance request for single detached dwellings located within the R2-Mixed Use Residential District as follows:
    Development Permit #4345 for reduced Side Yard Setbacks at: 
              4415 - 75 Street; Lot 8, Block 9, Plan 0828011 
    Development Permit #4345 for reduced Side Yard Setback at: 
              4429 - 75 Street; Lot 15, Block 9, Plan 0828011    
 Any person requiring further information, or have comments, contact Planning & Development Services,  City Hall, 2nd FL. 5204 - 50 Avenue, Camrose.  Tel. 780-672-4428, or Email to:

 by November 27, 2017 at 4:30 p.m.

Subdivision Approval Notice 

The Subdivision Approval Authority conditionally approved a subdivision on October 23, 2017 as follows: 
    Lot 2, Block 2, Plan 0822373, Lot 3, Block 2, Plan 0822373, Lot 5U, Block 2, Plan 4562NY 
    3838 - 47 Avenue  and 4707 - 39 Street
It is the intent of the applicant to purchase the public utility lot on the north side of the two properties and consolidate it with their adjacent properties.  
For more information, contact The City of C amrose, Subdivision Approving Authority. 

Property for Sale by City: 

The City is selling a rare residential infill development opportunity in the desirable Augustana area: 
Civic Address:        4723 - 51 Street 
Legal Address:       Lot 26A, Block A, Plan 172xxxx
Zoning District:       DC - Direct Control Land Use District
Assessed Value:     $60,520.00
Minimum Offer:       $67,177.80 (GST included)  * Servicing not included 
Lot Size:                   9.65m (31'7") x 30.05m (98'6"), total lot area of 289m2 (3,110 sq.ft) 

Offers are non-negotiable and must be sealed and delivered to Camrose City Hall, 5204 - 50 Avenue. Any potential offers must address all aspects of the submission criteria which will be made available to hose expressing interest. 

* NOTE:  The City may not accept the highest bid or any offer *