Approved Permits & Public Notices

DP 4274   4808-46 Street Lot 4, Block 40, Plan RN28C Four Plex
DP  4281  6207 - 28 Avenue Lot 16, Block 10, Plan 1524338 Dwelling
DP  4284  5104 - 36 Avenue Lot 105, Block 1, Plan 1424407 Dwelling
DP  4283  2603 - 63 Street Lot 7, Block 10, Plan 1524338 Dwelling
DP  4289  6106-30 Avenue Lot 10, Block 32, Plan 9926299 Addition
DP  4294  5320-39 Avenue - Block Y, Plan 3617AR Playground
DP  4294  Mt Pleasant Dr. Lot R, Block 5, Plan 824MMC Playground
DP  4295  5205-35 Avenue Lot 14, Block 4, Plan 1320516 Addition
ABP2017016 2702-62 Street Lot 2, Block 10, Plan 1524338 Accessory Building
ABP2017017 6102-54A Avenue Lot 53, Block 1, Plan 8322553 Accessory Building
DKP2017008 6306-43A Avenue Close Lot 45, Block 4, Plan 7720407 Deck Permit
FP2017040 5415-60 Street Lot 16, Block 18, Plan 0526410 Fence Permit
FP2017041 5402-66 Street Lot 83, Block 1, Plan 9123551 Fence Permit
FP2017042 3601-58 Street Lot 10, Block 4, Plan 8120690 Fence Permit
Any person having an object to any of the above, or for further information, contact Planning & Development at 5204 - 50 Avenue, Camrose, AB  T4V 0S8, or at 780.672.4428 or email Any person affected by the decision(s) may submit written notice of Appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) within fourteen (14) days after the date the Development Permit was issued.

Notice of Public Hearing:

City Council gave first reading to Bylaw 2929-17 on June 12, 2017. The purpose of this bylaw is to make minor regulatory updates to the Land Use Bylaw and complete an annual consolidation. The proposed changes will not have a noticeable effect on development.   
A Public Hearing is scheduled as follows: 
Date:     August 8, 2017
Time:     5:00 p.m.
Place:    Council Chambers, City Hall, 5204-50 Avenue

Any person(s) having an interest in the passing of this Bylaw are encouraged to attend the Public Hearing. Any written submissions to be considered by Council are required by August 2, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. to: Kim Isaak, Deputy City Manager, 5204-50 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 0S8 or email:

Notice is hereby given that Council may thereafter without further notice, proceed with final approval at the regular Council Meeting on August 8, 2017.  For more information, contact Aaron Leckie, Director Planning & Development Services Tel. 780-672-4428, or by email to:

Residential Property for Sale by City: 

The City is selling a rare residential infill development opportunity in the desirable Augustana area: 
Civic Address:        4723 - 51 Street 
Legal Address:       Lot 26A, Block A, Plan 172xxxx
Zoning District:       DC - Direct Control Land Use District
Assessed Value:     $60,520.00
Minimum Offer:       $67,177.80 (GST included)  * Servicing not included 
Lot Size:                   9.65m (31'7") x 30.05m (98'6"), total lot area of 289m2 (3,110 sq.ft) 

Offers are non-negotiable and must be sealed and delivered to Camrose City Hall, 5204 - 50 Avenue. Any potential offers must address all aspects of the submission criteria which will be made available to hose expressing interest. 

* NOTE:  The City may not accept the highest bid or any offer *