Census 2014 - Did We Get Your Number?

The City of Camrose will be conducting a municipal Census April 1-30, 2014. An official City of Camrose Enumerator will be visiting each residence to gather information from you to help determine our City's official population.

Did We Get Your Number?
If you have not seen a Census Enumerator or received a bright pink "Callback Information Sheet" please contact Census Services at 780-678-3027. Get Counted!

Why is a Municipal Census Conducted?
The City uses the data collected to make informed decisions about delivering services such as roads, garbage collection, and recreational facilities. School Boards, businesses and other interested parties may also use the statistics for planning purposes. Many grants from the Provincial and Federal Government are provided based on population for access to funding.

What type of questions will be asked?

The City is interested in the following data: number of residents in the household, gender, month and year of birth, and school system that children may attend (public, separate or private). You will NOT be asked to provide your name. Providing information contributes to the accuracy of the data collected and the direction of future growth in our community. Participation is our census is voluntary and all responses are strictly confidential and used only for statistical purposes.

Quality Assurance
The purpose of this is to randomly contact households to ensure the quality of the census results are accurate and complete. This is a mandatory requirement of the Provincial Government. Census Services has begun this process.

The 2014 Results Are In!

View the results here - Census 2014.

Additional Information
For more information  please email the Census Coordinator or call 780.678.3027