Requests for the Mayor & Councillors

If your group would like an official representative from City Council to attend a public event, please forward a request to the Mayor's Office. All bookings (for conferences, anniversary celebrations, charitable or cultural events) can be requested through an online form or by sending an invitation to The Office of the Mayor.
Due to the number of invitations the Mayor receives, please send your invitation at least six to eight weeks in advance of your event.

Once the invitation is reviewed, you will receive confirmation if the Mayor is able to attend.

If the Mayor is not available, you can request your invitation be sent to the Deputy Mayor or another member of City Council to attend on the Mayor's behalf.

Meeting with the Mayor

If you would like to request a meeting with the Mayor, please forward a request to the Mayor's Office. All requests must be received in writing through the online form or by sending a request to The Office of the Mayor.

Proclamations, Messages, Letters and Certificates

Proclamations, Mayor's messages to the community, letters of recognition and certificates of congratulations are also available upon request. These products offer congratulations to community groups and individuals for exceptional achievements or acknowledge citizens for work in the community.


Mayor's proclamations declaring special days, weeks or months for community-based, campaigns or programs requested by registered, non-profit societies are often granted by the Mayor. Declaration of proclamations is at the discretion of the Mayor and requests should come from charitable or non-profit registered societies for a proclamation that will support improvement of the community through educational/awareness programs, charitable fund-raising or similar activities.

Mayor's Messages

Mayor's messages are short greetings of about four paragraphs usually written for publication in programs or booklets by organizers of community events or conferences. They are signed by the Mayor and can include his picture if requested.

Letters of Recognition

The Mayor acknowledges achievement or outstanding community work by citizens or organizations with a letter when that will be an appropriate form of recognition. A monitoring program to identify outstanding citizens is in place but often persons in the community will write to request a letter for a deserving person or group.

Certificates of Congratulations

Certificates of congratulations are custom certificates for use by the Mayor or Councillors to recognize special events and achievement in the community. Certificates are often presented to people and organizations on reaching a significant milestone in their life or history - an anniversary, birthdays for persons celebrating 65th birthdays and older, certificates to athletes and to businesses on official openings, etc.

Requests for these items must be made in writing at least six weeks in advance. Requests can be made through the online form or by sending a request to The Office of the Mayor.