Log & Sod Hut

Log and Sod Hut

This Log / Sod Hut is very similar to the one built by Ole Bakken in the 1890's. His house was the first known settlers house built on the future City of Camrose townsite. His homestead was filed on November 12, 1890. The title was dated March 9, 1900. The land number was the Southwest Quarter, Section 2, Township 47 Range 20. Part of this land he sold to the Arlington Hotel on May 22, 1905.

This replica house was started on August 1st and completed August 18th, 2005, just hours before the ceremonial opening of it. It was built by Museum volunteers, mostly Dave Fitchie and Lloyd Johnson. A lot of the furnishings were taken from other displays at the museum and some were donated this year (2005) with this project in mind. The logs were cut for this house; the wood was planed and fashioned here at the museum. The bed is handmade from scrap wood that was cleaned up and the bed knobs are tops of fence posts, and the mattress is stuffed with straw.