48 Avenue & Service Roads Review

What is the project?
The City of Camrose has hired McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd (McElhanney) to review the safety and function of the service roads that run parallel to 48 Avenue. McElhanney will recommend a series of staged improvements for each service road to address road conditions, access, traffic operations and safety of all road users. 

Why is this project happening?

The City is rehabilitating several roads to improve their physical conditions, and some of the service roads that run parallel to 48 Avenue were identified for improvement. Now that future work to improve service road condition is anticipated, the City wishes to take advantage of this opportunity to improve traffic operations and safety along the service roads, as well. This project will review the 48 Avenue service roads to recommend options for improving traffic operations and safety. Once these recommendations are reviewed and approved by Council in fall 2016, the City will work towards implementing them in future capital budgets.

How long will it take?
The project was awarded in February 2016 and recommendations are expected by November 2016. Most of the physical review will take place this spring and early summer, with alternatives being developed and evaluated over the summer and recommendations made in early fall 2016. 


48 ave service road review timeline
Who will be involved?
Two rounds of engagement will occur during the project: 
  1. The first round of engagement will occur in May 2016 to gather information about peoples’ issues and needs for the services roads, as well as priorities that should be considered when evaluating alternative. This engagement will include a public open house, online survey and meetings with business / land owners adjacent to the service roads.
  2.  The second round of engagement will occur in September to present project recommendations for feedback. This feedback will be recorded and provided to Council for consideration when they review the recommendations in November 2016. This engagement will also include an open house, online survey and meetings with business / land owners adjacent to the service roads.
Why is this project important?
48 Avenue (Highway 13) is the busiest roadway in Camrose and plays an important role in serving both local and regional traffic needs. As is true for many municipalities across Alberta, a number of service roads were developed on either side of 48 Avenue over the years to improve traffic flow along the highway and provide access to adjacent properties. While the City has removed a number of these service roads to improve safety and road function, seven of them still remain. These seven remaining service roads may present access, traffic operations and user safety issues that should be addressed while the City is rehabilitating roads throughout Camrose. Consequently, this project is timed to take advantage of pending road work to improve not just the physical condition of the service roads, but also their function in the City’s road network.