Camrose Water Shortage Response Plan

What is the Water Shortage Response Plan?

The City of Camrose has developed a draft Water Shortage Response Plan (WSRP) to guide potential water restrictions, especially during dry summers. The Province requires the City to provide them with a "Water Operations Plan" (also known as a "Water Shortage Response Plan"). This plan can take on a variety of forms, but it must address at least three main items:

1. A description of water management during normal and water shortage operations,

2. Monitoring and reporting programs, and

3. Contact information for the City of Camrose waterworks facility

How can I express my feedback?

Administration is inviting and welcoming feedback on the proposed Plan from affected stakeholders as well as from the general public. You can either submit your feedback by email to, by mail or in person at City Hall. See: Draft Water Shortage Response Plan

When will this plan be finalized?

Administration currently hopes to bring the Water Shortage Response Plan with any required revisions back to City Council for final review and adoption before the end of 2016.