Storm Drain Pollution

The City of Camrose is raising awareness on storm drain pollution to protect public waterways and public health.

Storm drains are designed to empty excess rain and ground water from paved streets and parking lots. This drainage leads to Battle River where it eventually drains into Camrose's water supply at Driedmeat Lake. This means any items or hazardous chemicals dumped into the drains go back to the lake untreated, polluting the lake and the drinking water of over 20,000 residents.

It is not uncommon that lawn care products can runoff into the storm drains after a heavy rain storm. The City encourages the replacement of synthetic fertilizers with FREE compost that can be picked up at the local landfill.

The City of Camrose encourages citizens to keep storm drains clean of litter and make sure hazardous chemicals are not disposed of in the storm drain. The pollution of waterways makes it difficult for the infrastructure to deal with the purification of the water for human consumption