City Manager

"The Stage is Set" for a great life in Camrose! Whether you are looking for a warm and welcoming community to live in, or you want to develop a business, the City of Camrose provides opportunities for everyone.

Camrose is uniquely placed in central Alberta. It’s a city big enough to be sophisticated, yet small enough to be responsive. As a rural hub with comprehensive healthcare facilities and University level education opportunities, Camrose has a proven track record of being resilient during economic downturns.

As the City Manager, I am proud to be working with a fiscally responsible, diverse Council and a competent and committed staff. I believe by working together, by ensuring transparency and by exercising sound leadership and management practices, we can continue to provide exceptional service to the residents of our beautiful city.

Please take time to peruse our website. If you can't find what you're looking for, call us at 780.672.4426 where you will be directed to the appropriate department or City representative by one of our friendly staff.