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Fire Bans
City of Camrose Fire Bans
Currently there is NO Fire Ban within the City limits.

Camrose County Fire Bans

Camrose County fire ban information

Safety Alerts
Keep Your Fire Hydrant Accessible and Clear From Snow
2014-09-17-fire hydrantThe Camrose Fire Department wants to remind citizens to keep your fire hydrant accessible and clear from snow. Not only is this a safety hazard if there is a fire and firefighters have to dig through to find a hydrant, citizens can be fined. Every person who violates this bylaw is guilty of an offence and may be subjected to a fine between $100-$1000.

Do not use flower pots as ashtrays

2014-09-17-flowerpotashtrayCamrose Fire Department have responded to fires within our community that have been caused by occupants using a flower pots with potted soil as an ashtray. Unfortunately, potting soil can harness a smouldering fire when cigarette butts are placed in them and eventually burst into flames and spread.

Cooking appliances - including BBQs placed too close to combustibles, can start fires!
2014-09-17-BBQ too closePosition BBQ away from wooden fences or walls. Make sure area behind BBQ is free of combustible material, since this is where hot gases escape. Follow the manufacturer recommendations on clearances.