Kamifurano Japan

The scenic town of Kamifurano was established in 1897. Tomio Mukaiyama is the current mayor. Kamifurano is located in the middle of Hokkaido (Japan's second largest island). As of December 2013 the population is 11,508. The average annual temperature is 5.8°C. The summer average is 26°C and the winter average dips down to -15‾°C. Mt. Tokachidake of Daisetu-Zan National Park can be seen from Kamifurano. The Mt. Tokachidake Onsen (hot spring) is the highest hot spring in Hokkaido! The town features Hinode Park which is a great place to view lavender gardens in summer and a firework festival to celebrate New Year's Eve.

The soil in the Kamifurano area is fertile and as such agriculture is the main industry. The town is also known for commerce, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, and tourism. It is no wonder that tourism is so popular in Kamifurano since there is a lot to see and do. Festivals take place throughout the year which feature snow, mountain hiking, flowers, autumn leaves, and fireworks. If you decide to visit Kamifurano you can go to Flower land, the Goto Sumio Museum (art gallery), and you can have your pick of delicious food from the many restaurants available. Pork and melon are local specialties. These are only a few of the things that make Kamifurano a worthwhile town to visit or to call home. If you would like additional information about Kamifurano please visit the Kamifurano website. 
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Brenda Knull
Kamifurano Board of Education
1-9-4, Midorimachi, Kamifurano
Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido

To commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of the twinning, The Kamifurano Friendship Gardens were created in 2000. They are located on northeast corner of Mirror Lake.

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Are you interested in Japan-Alberta relations? If so, please follow this link.

About the Writer
My name is Brenda Knull and I was born and raised in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. By the time I was finished my first year of school I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. Since I had such great experiences at school, I decided to become a kindergarten teacher. After two years at Red Deer College followed by two more years at the University of Alberta, I officially became an educator. I have taught at New Norway School, John Wilson Elementary School in Innisfail, and at Jack Stuart School. While I haven’t taught a kindergarten homeroom class yet, I have had amazing experiences teaching Grades 1-6, special education, combined homeroom classes, and now English as a second language.

Some of my interests are travelling, snowboarding, spending time with family and friends, experiencing new things, and cheerleading. Thankfully living in Kamifurano, Japan has allowed me to pursue some of these passions on a daily basis. Being part a different culture gives me many opportunities to learn something new and to share things with others. I have been a student in a formal setting at IAY International Academy Japanese Language School so I could learn Japanese. I also continue to learn in my community and this includes everything from how to sort my garbage properly to how to mail a letter. It is a refreshing feeling to be open to this experiences and to understand how students might feel as they learn.

The Camrose/Japan Friendship Society promotes educational and friendly relationships between Camrose and Kamifurano. Through living in one of Camrose`s sister cities I hope to enhance the relations between the communities.

More information on the Camrose/Japan Friendship Society can be found on the Camrose & District Support Services website.